Rogers, Arkansas


Location: Rogers AR
Program: Water Well Trust (WWT) with funding from USDA’s Household Waster Well Systems (HWWS) Grant program
When: June 2012
Who: Homeowners


Six families have been hauling water to use in their homes and buying bottled water for drinking and cooking for over 15 years. This posed both a physical and financial hardship for the families. They originally believed their homes would be having access to a public water supply but the lines were never built.  The cost for extending public water service was prohibitive for both the families and water suppliers.


Program: WWT/HWWS (100%)

Amount funded

Client #1 & #2 (shared well) – $10,779
Client #3 – $11,383
Client #4 – $11,283
Client #5 – $11,282
Client #6 – $7,360

Total: $52,067


The recipients qualified for loans and or loan/grant combinations to finance their new wells. All wells were drilled and filtration systems included to deal with local sulfur issues. It was estimated it would cost $1.2M to run public water lines to these homes, so a cost savings of 95%.